Let Me Teach You How To Ride Him With SAS

Ladies! If you missed my “Ride Him Cowgirl” workout last year, You’re in luck!  Ride Him Cowgirl is BACK with a little SAS.  In 2017 I am bringing you my latest fitness workshop that has been developed to help you become a better rider and a better partner in the bedroom period. Get ready because “Ride Him With SAS” is coming to your city or a city near you! I will be adding more cities to my tour list as I confirm them, but so far there are 10 cities up in the first quarter beginning with Los Angeles January 21st.  Before I get into the tour list so you can purchase your tickets, here is a little more information about what you can expect from “Ride Him With SAS.”

So what exactly is this “Ride Him With SAS” class?

– “Ride Him With SAS” is a L.I.T. (low intensity training) routine that is powered by Steel and Stilettos Fitness designed to help women increase their core and lower body strength.  By developing the lower body and abdomen, women will be able to perform better in the bedroom and feel more confident about their bodies and increase stamina during the sex. 

What does this workout consist of?

This workout consists of squats, lunges, yoga poses, twerking, hip gyrations, pelvic raises, chair work, floor work and core work to help target those muscles that are the most engaged during sexual activity.  Every movement is set to a soundtrack that has been designed for empowerment, and every woman is encouraged to keep up or go at her own pace. 

What do I need to bring to class?

Bring a yoga mat and a pair of heels that are easy for you to walk in and a bottle water.  Also, make sure you dress comfortably to work out! Jeans and restrictive clothing are not recommended.  Don’t forget to bring an open mind and determination to make it through the workout, and questions for the end of class. 

So are you ready to purchase your ticket to Join me for “Ride Him With SAS” in your city? Find your city (or a city near you) below and click on the link to purchase your tickets now! There are only 25 spots available for each city.  My schedule will be updated as the weeks go on

New York: February 24th

Washington DC: February 25th

London: March 11th

Atlanta: March 18th 

Philly: May 6th 

San Francisco: May 20th

Chicago: May 28th 


See you in Class!