My Ride Him Cowgirl Workout Hits the West Coast

Great News for all of my California followers! My “Ride Him Cowgirl” workout is headed your way in 15 days! My first stop will be in San Diego August 19th and K studio fitness, and then I will be making my way to NORTH HOLLYWOOD for my ladies in Los Angeles to come and workout with me Saturday, August 20th at Evolution Studios. My last stop in the U.S. will be to San Francisco for the ladies in the BAY who have been BEGGING me to come their way! Our workout goes down at Rae Studios Friday, August 26th.

My workout consists of stretches and hip movements that will assist women in opening their hips, becoming more flexible and stronger in their lower bodies.  The goal in riding on top is to stroke your partner pleasurably while not tiring out too fast.  It’s a WORKOUT when you’re riding your man in cowgirl position, and this workout is GUARANTEED to make you break out into a sweat.

Bring your yoga mat, a bottle of water and wear clothing you can workout in and move your body freely.  We will be practicing breathing techniques and becoming connected with self before our workout, and I will be pushing you to do the best you can throughout the workout!

As a gift from me to you for supporting my “sexercise movement” I will be giving any woman who attends a FREE copy of my first sexercise DVD and a certification as a CERTIFIED RIDER.

I would suggest you get your tickets soon because they are beginning to sell out FAST!

Need to get your tickets for the city nearest you?

Here are the links for your convenience

San Diego: Friday, August 19th

Los Angeles: Saturday, August 20th

San Francisco: Friday, August 26th