Chicago! Join me at the 1st Annual Ebony Exotic Experience

CHICAGO!!! I’m extremely excited to be one of the many educators that will be featured at the 1st Annual Ebony Exotic Experience hosted by JewCeeTales! This is the first event of its kind that has been created to bring sexual knowledge and experimentation to people of color .  Whether you are from the South Side, North Side, West Side or the suburbs come on out and join me and several other sex educators and sensuality practitioners for a weekend of awareness and sexuality!

So what will I be teaching?

I will be teaching on the art of seduction and connection to help couples learn how to turn each other on whether the clothes are on or off.  I get so many questions from couples who want to spice things up or from the man who wants to know how to turn his partner on and I decided why not teach how to seduce?  Sometimes we can take our partners for granted and assume that we know everything there is to know about how to turn them on, but in reality we change daily and so do our desires and sexual triggers.  In my workshop, “Art of Seduction” I will walk couples and singles through each step of the seduction process and give everyone tools to succeed.  I will also be interacting with attendees and engaging in conversation to help each person bring about the truth about themselves from within.  I like to say, we all are sex experts, especially of our own sexuality.  My sessions are always conversational and empowering, so I hope to see you there!

The first Annual Ebony Exotic Experience in Chicago is going to be a hit! So make sure you meet me there and let’s have some fun learning together and learning more about each other.  Afterall, sex is the way we can all connect on a deeper level, and through conversation and teaching about sex we all come to understand each other a little more.  There will be erotic poets, fellatio experts, vendors and MORE at this event so come on out and support black folks educating and providing a safe space for sexual exploration.

Tickets for the Ebony Exotic Experience presented by JewCeeTales begin at just $25 so take advantage of this opportunity now and grab you tickets HERE