Webinar: Oral Sex 101 for Men and Women

I am HELLA excited because I’m teaching the basics of one of my FAVORITE sex acts via live Webinar Monday, February 13th: ORAL SEX.  This webinar isn’t just for women who want to learn how to perform fellatio better, but it’s also for men who want to learn how to eat pussy BETTER.  This online workshop is also for men who want to improve their fellatio skills and for women who want to eat the cat with precision.

So what can you expect to learn from this webinar?

  • Lip and tongue exercises to help strengthen the mouth for performance
  • Prep for a satisfying experience
  • Tongue tricks
  • Lip Tricks
  • Deep throat technique
  • Hand strokes for penis and vulva stimulation
  • Safer oral sex practices
  • Oral Sex Positions

This is an interactive class, so come prepared with a banana or dildo, a peach or an apple and get ready for a fun workshop on oral sex that will leave you inspired and ready to try out your new set of skills.  This is an online workshop so you will be granted access to the seminar and practice these oral sex techniques without having to leave your home.  You will be able to answer questions throughout the lesson, so don’t be shy.

WANT TO BE GRANTED ACCESS into Monday’s ORAL SEX Webinar just in time for Valentine’s Day 2017?  The class is only $20 and includes an Oral Sex 101 Guide presented by Glamerotica101.com for anyone who signs up.  Space is limited so grab your spot for this workshop now!

Ready to be granted access?  Just send in your admission fee along with your EMAIL address in your PAYMENT NOTES and you will be sent the PASSWORD and link to access my Webinar the day of the class.  CLICK HERE TO SECURE YOUR SPOT   MEN AND WOMEN ARE WELCOME of all sexual orientations :-)