What is Sex Coaching?

Sex coaching is like having a personal coach for your sex life.  Sex coaching works by helping the client become more confident in moving towards the goals they desire not only for their sex lives but for their overall well being.  Unlike traditional therapy, sex coaching doesn’t dig into a person’s past, but rather deals with them where they are in the present and gives suggestions on how to improve areas of difficulty.  Sex coaching is predominately  talk-based counseling, but there are situations where body work (massage, reiki or erotic touch) may be used at the client’s approval.  Sessions are typically one hour to 90 minutes long and take place via telephone call, skype/video call or in person.

 What do I get when I sign up for a session?

Once payment is processed and a time is established for a coaching session, an intake form is sent via email to the client in order to gather necessary information to assess problem areas and current health conditions. Sessions provide clients with various takeaways such as suggested reading, DVDs/videos, Recap sheets, records of the session for future listening, toys, supplements, referrals and other products suggested to use for improvement.  Takeaways depend on the needs of the client.  Above all, clients will leave a session with more knowledge than when they began and a better understanding of their issues. PLEASE BE ADVISED: THIS IS NOT A PAY FOR SEX SERVICE.  There is no sexual contact involved in sex coaching. If a sex surrogate is necessary to move a client forward towards improvement, a referral will be given in session.

 Why are you charging for content?

Being a sex educator and sex coach is my full time job; and just like any other form of education sex education is an investment. The tutorials and services that I provide take time to research and create, and as many other educators and counselors I have rates for the valuable information that I provide to the masses.  Glamerotica101.com and my Youtube channel have free pieces of advice for those who are looking for basic, complimentary options.

What if I want a refund?

Sorry, but all sales of videos and services are final.  Please be sure of your purchases before confirming payment.

What if my sex life doesn’t improve?

Your improvement all depends on YOU.  The information provided in coaching sessions only works if you apply it in regular practice.  Some of the suggested improvements may have a limited effect, and in that case additional coaching may be necessary.  While I can’t guarantee your improvement, what I can promise you is that I will uphold high standards of integrity in leading you to the best solutions for your issues.  The base of your improvement, again, is all dependent on your willingness to commit to making the time to implement the improvements suggested.

Can I suggest for certain videos to be made?

Yes you can.  If you have certain topics that you want to see demonstrated or spoken about on this site, email asktyomi@gmail.com with your requests.

Can I request sessions in person?

In person sessions are available in Los Angeles, California and are more expensive than remote sessions.  I am available for travel, however lodging and travel are added on top of session expenses.  If you would like to book an in person sex coaching session with me, please contact me using the contact form and we can put together a session that is is tailored to your personal needs.

Will I have sex with you during the sex coaching session?

No.  Sex coaching does not involve sexual contact, however, if a sexual surrogate is needed to move towards improvement I will recommend one for you.