6 New Cities Added To Ride Him Cowgirl Tour

Let me start this post off by saying THANK YOU to the dozens of women who have already taken my “Ride Him Cowgirl” class! It’s been such a great experience meeting so many diverse women and being able to reach many of you who watch my videos and subscribe to my social media daily. It’s an honor to teach you and help guide you into a deeper confidence within your sexuality. I’m grateful for the support of each and every one of you!

It’s been an amazing journey developing my class and adding new things with each stop on this tour, and I teaching this flexibility workout has actually been helping me get into shape. With each city that I advertise I’ve had numbers of women shout out the cities that they want me to bring my class to next, and because of the high amounts of requests I’ve decided to add six more cities to my tour! That’s right, Starting May 21st I will be hitting the road once again to teach any woman that is interested in learning how to perfect her riding skills. I will be bringing my Riding Workshop to:

St. louis, MI 5/21 (For tickets) www.ridehimstl.eventbrite.com

Dallas, TX 5/27 (For Tickets) www.RideHimDallas.eventbrite.com

Houston, TX 5/29 (For Tickets) www.RideHimHouston.eventbrite.com

New Orleans, LA 6/1 (For Tickets) www.RideHimNola.eventbrite.com

Memphis, TN 6/4 (For Tickets) www.RideHimMemphis.eventbrite.com

Cleveland, OH 6/5 (For Tickets) www.BKRideHimCle.eventbrite.com

If you are in any of these six cities I would love to see you at my workshop! Don’t be shy! The class is a 90 minute workout that ends with you gaining a certification to become a certified rider. And don’t worry! You won’t become a pro overnight. You may forget most of what you learn in class, but when you attend my class in person you will receive my “Ride Him Cowgirl” Sexercise video FOR FREE this summer when it is available for purchase/download. There are other perks that are received when you show up to class to workout, so come on out to meet me and work out with me!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,