How To Put “Oh” In Her Orgasm

Orgasm.  It is the most pleasurable sensation one could ever feel.  For a moment in time, our minds draw a blank and we are blissfully paired with the energy of another.  The moment lasts all of 7 seconds for men and extends to 20 seconds for women, but those few seconds of contractions and chemical rush seem like eternity as we die to ourselves. Although reaching an orgasm is the goal of sex for many, it is the lead up to the climax that matters most.  One element of the arousal period that is necessary but often overlooked is clear communication to encourage proper technique. Moaning isn’t just for show, it is a form of communication to let your partner know their actions are felt and accepted.  It occurs naturally when one is being pleasured sexually, and it signifies the desire for more.  In the area of giving permission, the sound of a moan is a positive passive indicator.


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