Love Advice: Lessons from COSMOS

You may have never heard of spiritual rape, but it exists. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know there was such a thing until I had a session with my life coach.  My experience with this type of manipulation wasn’t the first time, and COSMOS helped me out of the dark.  Learn more about spiritual rape and my experience by reading this exert from my article on  Read the entire piece by clicking on the link at the end of the sample.


“Writing seems to be a therapeutic source for you, so write about what you’ve gone through to finalize your healing. It’s time,” he said during our weekend check-in session.


Tragic news that I received Saturday morning sent me into a tailspin of emotions and my life Coach COSMOS was on the phone to talk me off of a ledge from doing something completely drastic. “So he got another woman pregnant and now the baby has miscarried and they are beefing. Why are you upset about this?” He asked me in a tone that Left the floor open for me to discuss my feelings in this moment.

On one hand I felt extremely silly because I knew this wasn’t a fight I belonged in, but my closeness to both parties made me feel obligated. He is someone I had committed myself to for five years and she is someone I admired for years. But Our friendship is just beginning to bud.

I had no idea of their expected child until this very moment, and I was crushed. I was getting choked up in between tears, and experiencing my pain was creating uneasiness in COSMOS who also happens to be a clairvoyant and one of my best friends. He sighed. “I hate to do this because I don’t like to see you hurting, but you have to realize the truth about this situation with this guy,” he said. “He never had any intentions for you besides getting as much as he possibly could from you. He never loved you. He simply played the role to get what he wanted. He spiritually raped you.”

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