Glamazon Tyomi Talks Arousal and Foreplay On August 9th #SexTalkTuesday Chat

Fantastic news for everyone interested in arousal and foreplay! I’ll be hosting the upcoming #SexTalkTuesday Twitter Chat on August 9th from 1:00 – 3:00pm Eastern! You are all invited and encouraged to participate in what is sure to be a very lively discussion that focuses on ways to improve the passion in people’s live while sharing an intimate dialogue about what we can each learn from one another about one of the most universal aspects of humanity.

For anyone who isn’t aware, the Sex Talk Tuesday Twitter chat is a social media phenomenon that is produced by the forward thinking sexperts of for the online sex-positive community. It features monthly moderated chat sessions with a variety of noteworthy experts from all walks of life, as a way to improve the discussion of key sexual topics in an effort to expand individual horizons and open up meaningful lines of communication among members of a growing community who get off on being able to benefit others by sharing their own experiential points of view.

You know how passionate, innovative and ambitious I can be, and from my modeling days to my current work as a thought leader in matters relevant to sexuality, I’ve always kept a finger on the pulse of what sensuality is all about. That’s where my “Glamazon” moniker came from, and why this sex education blog has been able to reach so many people as we continue to help shape views about sex as part of the website that is now in its 5th consecutive year of spreading the word about better sex to even more people than ever before!

Originally created for the modern lady, is inspired by women who’ve been left heartbroken or unsatisfied sexually by relationships gone awry.  After receiving an overwhelming response from men who desired to improve their sex lives, I extended my knowledge to both sexes with a highly educational Youtube channel that reaches lovers worldwide, and brings in 1.4 million views monthly as people continue finding their way toward sexual enlightenment together.

I’ve already appeared on several radio shows and podcasts including Naomi Banxxx’s Chocolate Radio, Playboy Radio with Maya Jordan, Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI, Chicago’s B96 and many others.  I’ve also been featured as a favorite Sexpert on Comedy’s Central’s popular sketch comedy show “Tosh.0” this blog has been referred to as a “go to source” for sex positioning and sex advice for woman of color by activist and writer Feminista Jones.  However this #SexTalkTuesday is especially exciting for me because it is a two-way medium that allows everyone to participate by joining the discussion, asking questions or helping with the answers. The entire chat is free, just follow to follow the chat and add #sextalktuesday to the tweets to participate. I expect it to be well worth your time…. See you all on Twitter August 9th!